Digital Conversations: New Technologies | WORKSHOP 1 - Merged Reality, Virtual Reality and CT scanning

Seminar Room, Level 2 & The Salon, Level 1 | National Museum of Singapore
30 January 2018, 10am to 6pm
*Latecomers will not be admitted. No refunds.

*Please note: A laptop is required for this workshop

This January, the National Museum of Singapore invites museum enthusiasts to discover innovative digital projects within the context of the museum. These include Virtual Reality explorations, micro-CT scanning technology, advanced optical systems, augmented reality and a brainwave performance.

In conjunction with the showcase, there will be a series of workshops on 30 January 2018, as part of NMS's ongoing Digital Conversations series. International experts are invited to share their views while exploring a cross-section of digital trends and applications related to museology and storytelling.

Visit our website for more information on The Digital Showcase.


(Seminar Room, Level 2)
10am - 12:30pm: Let's Tell a Story in Merged Reality Space by Chris Walker (Bright White Ltd, UK)

This presentation by Chris Walker from Virtual Case Systems Ltd (UK) will track the interpretative and technical development of a number of different projects, sharing how the use of merged reality spaces solves old problems and presents new possibilities. Chris will include studies of the award-winning Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre, ColliderCase technology, and the application of artificial intelligence in community memory.

12:30pm - 1pm: Sharing Session

1pm - 2pm: Lunch (included)

(The Salon, Level 1)
2pm - 4:30pm: Materiality in VR: Using Rich Textured Objects from Precision Scanned Sources by Priam Givord and Lisa Ellis (Art Gallery of Ontario)

For the first time, huge leaps in the capture and manipulation of big data and Advanced 3D Analysis software are allowing audiences unprecedented understanding and access to art objects. The Thomson Collection of Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) holds the world’s largest collection of early 16th-century Northern European miniature boxwood carvings. The hidden secrets of these objects were discovered using micro CT scanning and the resulting virtual 3D models allows one to enter into and virtually deconstruct a superlative example of a prayer bead which depicts the Last Judgement of Christ and the Coronation of the Virgin, as well as what is speculated to a be a tiny, sculpted self-portrait of the artist.

Lisa Ellis, Conservator of Sculpture and Decorative Arts at the AGO, will share the journey of discovery into the mysteries of these objects, and her findings as well as the recognition of the opportunity to create a museum experience never before possible. Priam Givord, senior Digital Artist and VR technologist, will relate the challenges and successful solutions in working with a heritage institution and the medium of Virtual Reality. Displaying such an artefact at the level of detail it deserves needs specific understanding of Environmental Design arts and real-time computer 3D graphics today. From X-Rays to Room-scale VR, Priam will explain his take on handling the granularity of a very high-resolution object to expose it to the eyes of the public using the appropriate medium.

4:30pm - 5pm: Sharing Session

5pm - 6pm: Closing


Chris Walker, Founder and Director, Virtual Case Systems

Chris is a founding director of Bright White Ltd, a creative design consultancy based in York, England. Since 2004, Bright White has been working with government agencies, local authorities, national museums and charities to develop engaging and thought-provoking interpretation projects.
The last decade has seen a huge transition towards digital interpretation, and Bright White has won many major awards for the successful implementation of major digital interpretation projects.

Priam Givord, Digital Artist

Priam Givord is a senior digital artist, designer and technologist. He was born in France and now lives in Toronto, Canada. Priam is an artist and interactive designer with a career focused on the digitally mediated spatial experience of things. Since he graduated from the Applied Arts in Paris and obtained his DEA from Paris VIII University, he has designed and built large high-end interactive installations through his own company, for clients ranging from the “Daily Planet” TV show and MELD Media, to Remington real estate developments in Canada. His works encompass interactive technologies ranging from large multi-touch surfaces, hardware and Google Glass, to VR and videogame engine-based applications. His work has been exhibited internationally, at venues such as the New York Museum of Moving image and the prestigious SIGGRAPH conference in California. Priam also teaches and writes curriculum for universities such as New York University and OCAD University. His current work includes the VR installation Small Wonders, which received an American Alliance of Museums award in 2017.

Lisa Ellis, Conservator (Sculpture and Decorative Arts), Art Gallery of Ontario

Lisa Ellis has been the Conservator, Sculpture and Decorative Arts at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) since 2007. She was the AGO’s technical lead for the ground-breaking and award winning exhibition Small Wonders, created in partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Rijksmuseum. The technical analysis of the AGO’s Thomson Collection of early 16th-century miniature boxwood objects utilized micro CT scanning and Advanced 3D Analysis software (ORS). The scans were used with great success in the VR Experience: Small Wonders created with interactive designer Priam Givord, with the support of the CFC Media Lab and Seneca College.
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